Important Things to Know about Oils

1. How many drops are in the bottle?

* 85-100 drops per 5mL.

* 180-200 drops per 10mL.

* 250-300 drops per 15mL
2. When in doubt always follow the directions on the bottle or the instruction that    came with the product.

3. Terms:

*Neat- undiluted

*Hot- means the oil will feel very warm on your skin

*Carrier Oil- oil used to dilute an essential oil (grapeseed, avocado, coconut)

*Diluted- add carrier oil before use

*Aromatic- Diffuse, breathe it in from bottle or from drop in hand

4. Always have carrier oil on hand. Carrier oil is any oily oil and is used to dilute an essential oil.

5. Use Extreme caution with essential oils around your eyes. If you get any in your eye, DO NOT USE WATER TO FLUSH. Doing so will force the essential oil in deeper making it more painful. Use rice milk, regular milk, or carrier oil to flush the essential oil.

6. Never get essential oils in your ear canal. This is extremely painful and the nature of the ear canal will hold the oil for up to 6 hours causing pain. The best practice is to place a drop of essential oil on a cotton ball and tape it over the ear. The oil volatility will get to the area of concern using this method.

7. Essential oils are ok when shipped in weather that is freezing cold or extremely hot. Once opened, they should be kept in a cool dark place.

8. Essential oils are high in monoterpenes, such as citrus oils and Tea Tree, will oxidize faster than others so it is recommended that you keep these oils in your refrigerator.

9. The orifice reducer is the milky plastic part at the top that allows one drop to come out. Never touch this with your skin. Your epithelials (skin cells) will contaminate the oil which will cause it to oxidize faster. Turn the bottle to a 45 degree angle and wait until a drop comes out.

10. Most orifice reducers have the oil come out of the center hole. Young Living orifice reducers us the center hole as an air intake hole and the essential oil comes out of the tiny pinhole located between the center and the outside rim.


Remember this is not an all inclusive list of safety and best practice! It is always important to self educate! If you go a single day without learning something new it is a wasted day. Educate, educate, educate! There is a wealth of knowledge on the internet, Young Livings website also has tons of resources. I personally love to follow Jen O’Sullivan Author on Facebook, she constantly shares awesome info. If you ever have a question, please message me! I love to share and educate!




In Grace,