Here Goes My Oil Toil!

Well after many failed attempts I finally finished my blog page!! Whoot! Whoot for me!! I am so excited to finally be able to write my first post! 🙂

So lets begin…..As you can see from my page I love Young Living essential oils. They are in my opinion the best quality essential oils in the business. Now please do not feel that if you use another brand of oils you will not find useful information here. You will!! Just remember that when I am talking about essential oils I will be talking about Young Living unless otherwise stated.

My journey with Young Living essential oil began about year ago. To say the least in the beginning I was a complete skeptic!! The only reason I purchased a Premium Starter Kit with Dewdrop is because my husband told me to! I had attended a Young Living 101 party at my friends house and liked the concept but didn’t buy into it. A week went by until I had a chance to tell my husband about all I had learned. He looked at me like, ‘are your crazy? Buy it’!! So I did!

The first three months as a “Oiler” were not very exciting for me. I loved my stater kit but did not do much more than diffuse essential oil. It wasn’t until about the fourth month that I REALLY started to get into it. My up-line leader was a great recourse and continually shared amazing information. I also started to follow Jen O’Sullivan of Facebook and loved her posts!! With in no time I was using essential oils all day everyday. I was diffusing, applying topically and taking internally. My family fell in love with oils too!

My hope for this blog is to share my new love and journey with Young Living essential oils. I hope to lead you to become just as passionate as I am. So here is to our first steps together!! Cheers!!

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”–Lao Tzu


In Grace,


Author: atoiloflove

I am a working mom with four young kiddos. My husband, family and God are number one in my book. I have a passion for essential oils, my small farm and teaching. I love to share my knowledge and enthusiasm to help people grow and become healthier individuals!

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